21 June 2008

And so it rears it's head again...

The resident evil issue of race has reared its ugly head again. Luckily, it's just someone who's misinformed about the subject and has come late to the debate... unfortunately i can see this happening more frequently as the due date of RE5 draws nearer.

The comments are a mess - primarily because Kotaku (and probably other blogs) linked to the site - but there are a few commenters who get the point across and don't cross the line to being rude. In particular there's a guy (Tubatic) who writes over on destructoid about the trailers and the issues involved in a more constructive manner.

Personally, i'm sad about this whole issue. I fear that when someone takes this much offence against an event that there's little you can do to change their opinion - and the amount of effort involved to do so is incredible. But along side this problem is the reaction of people on the other side of the opinion spectrum. You see the anger and the passion involved on both ends of the spectrum but i wonder if each time this happens if people in the middle, just on either side of the equatorial region don't become more polarised to their sides... and if those people who are further towards the extremes also become more firmly entrenched in their standpoint.

Ugh... that's a little difficult to understand. Basically i'm worried that people who aren't racist against black people will become more polarised against the more extreme 'anti-racism' black people and vice versa by these angry exchanges. However, is there any middle ground to be had on these issues?

Maybe one day in the far future when no one cares about the events in the last 200 or so years.

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