8 September 2008

What women want...

Leigh Alexander has posted up a new abberant gamer article on why women don't buy those big-budget blockbuster titles such as Mercenaries 2 or Doom etc. I'm pretty much in agreement and have felt this way for a long time.

Basically the way i think about it is: give it time.

The reason why women tend not to buy into the 'typically' male dominated blockbuster gaming titles is purely because those titles have predominantly been for men/boys.

It's the same reason why there's still such a problem with gaming and 'adult content' (i'm not talking about porn here but you get the point). The populace at large still perceive videogames to be for children - so logically the question is asked: Why would you want adult-oriented content?

It took a long time for women to be considered emancipated and yet the battle is still being fought in various sections of society. At the same time the roles of men are blending with those traditionally associated with women (e.g. nursing etc). There are only personalities, societal gender differences are learnt and not innate. There are differences inbetween gender though i do not think they are as big and wide-ranging as many people would like to believe.

Men are from Mars and women are from Venus... but only because we say so.

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