23 January 2009

On the downturn...


There's a few rumblings that FEAR 2 has securom DRM - though whether it's just the disc-check (which i'm fine with) or the online authentication form of the software (which i'm not okay with) we'll have to wait and see because, let's face it, Warner Bros. and Monolith aren't going to tell us until it hits retail shelves.... Potentially one less reason for me to buy it.

Maybe this recession is affecting my optimism for gaming but i'm not feeling particularly excited about any releases already announced for this year.

Dawn of War 2 just isn't my cup of tea. I don't like squad management games with hero units and it's one of the reasons why i disliked Warcraft 3 why i don't like Company of Heros. It's too much of a departure from the original Dawn of War (though i didn't like the game after the second expansion) and what i liked about that game. I feel like they should have left the name and kept the franchise. Warhammer 40K: Squad Commander..... oh, wait.... they already did that.

Fear 2 - i need to try the demo for this game but i'm just tired of generic FPSes. I liked FEAR and i'm sure i'll get around to playing this one but not at release i've not seen anything that makes me excited for it.

DNF - it may come around sometime this year but who knows? I used to be excited for this game. Hell! I'm still excited for the game that was based around the 2001 trailer but the new screenshots haven't been that exciting - too dark and gritty. Duke was never about being dark and gritty he was about over-the-top fun and ridiculousness. We'll see but my interest is diminished.

Anything else?

Empire Total War? The only setting i liked was Rome the games are all pretty much of a muchness when you get down to it and IMO it's the setting that matters most in this genre that Creative Assembly have manged to corner for themselves.

Bah.... these are depressing times.

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