29 October 2009


Seriously, this is a good game. At its most basic, the game is WoW crossed with Dungeon Siege and it works very well and i say that because it doesn't feel like Diablo or TitanQuest, it feels more "action-y".

I like the limited spells your characters can utilise as well as their own skills, i like the weapons and the pet... i like the interface and the characters (though i wish they had included a male and female option for each class but that's just personal prefernce).

What don't i like? Well, i've only played the demo but i won't be buying the full game. "Why not?", you may ask, "After all this praise...". The reality is that this game requires authentication and (although it's not clear if it applies to every download service) it also has activation/install limits.

I'm sorry but that just isn't what i'm willing to sacrifice in order to buy your product. Please try again.


Matt said...

I didn't know about the activation part. If it lacks all that on Steam, I can probably deal with it since I've previously given it up to Steam anyway. If the Steam copy also has all that extra DRM, then they can cram it.

Duoae said...

Yeah it's not particularly clear and the issue isn't directly addressed in their website's FAQ. This is the info i've gotten so far:

"1. The version you buy directly from Runic/Perfect World will have limited activations. "10 or more." Nothing specific about the number, which is a bit troubling. Regardless of what Mr. Baldree thinks, 10 activations is still an infinite number less than I prefer in my software.

2. The boxed version won't have limited online activations, but will have DRM of some kind. Most likely disc-required.

3. Steam and other DD services may or may not have limited activations. No one at Runic has officially answered that question yet."

- Steam has no activation limits (AFAIK)

- Every other vendor seems to have the limited installs part of the DRM as well as the authentication.