30 June 2010

I love this...

Mark Rein has been talking about the new platforms like the iPhone and future handheld devices and is saying that triple-A games won't go away. I agree with him on that note but what has me more worried is what he goes on to say:

"I'd rather sell 10 million games at $25 and have a chance to sell DLC than 5 million at $50 on a disc that gets traded around," he said.
"I think it'll change, and it'll change for the benefit of the customers. We're definitely going to experiment with micro-transactions and lower-price games."

Well, of course you'd rather do that! So would everyone. I mean, lets take an example of how much it costs to make one of those games these days.....anywhere between $20-100 million. Those are the copies that are being shoved around on disc which your customers are trading around. Those filthy scumbags!
So the new plan is to half the cost to the consumer but the games will be on cheaper platforms: we're talking about development costs of less than a million. Not only that but there'll be micro-transactions as well though no guarantee that they'll be on those cheaper games.... PSYCH! Of course they'll be on the cheaper games.

Great business plan guys. Shit for consumers though.... but hey! Like many people I see on gaming forums say: "Who cares how much we're shafted when the developers are making money and giving us games?"

(Okay, no one actually said that.... but i interpret that sort of thing from what they do say!)


Seriously, it's just a slog towards taking all control away from consumers... making exponentially more money whilst offering exponentially less for the same amount of money.... reducing value. The problem i have with it is that it will work.

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