22 September 2010

aaand.... GoG is back...

Seriously, what a terrible way to do this whole thing. It was all just a PR stunt. Great.



Anonymous said...

As long as they still offer good old games at decent prices, I'm not particularly fussed.

...but yeah, that was a *really* boneheaded move.

Duoae said...

Haha, you surprised me. I thought no one read this blog!

Well, i'm more annoyed with their lack of thought for their customers - the fact that they took their site offline in the middle of a sale weekend and their complete lack of professionalism with regards to uptime and customer relations.

Having worked on the roll-out of a new software version on mission critical systems my bias is that you overlap the two systems to allow for problems and minimise downtime. The way they handled this is completely the opposite of how my personal feelings lie and also the opposite of my corporate experience.

Anonymous said...

Heh. I do stop in every once in a while. My bloglist is rather overgrown these days, so I find it tricky to remember who I've read recently or not. ;)

You're totally correct, though. This just wasn't handled well or professionally at all. It's kind of surprising, really. I can see needing downtime for database upgrades and the like, but that shouldn't be tucked behind a silly PR stunt. A bit of honesty about the downtime would have gone a long way there, I think.

It's not enough to make me swear off the service, but yeah, it was undeniably stupid of them.