3 March 2013

Sunday musings...

The final thoughts on Far Cry 3 are coming along - probably by the end of this week. It'll take that long mostly because I exhausted the FPS itch I had going into this game because of its grindy nature. However, I want to get to the end of the main storyline before I conclude because I want to see if they do anything with the themes that they hint at in the game or just leave them by the wayside as I feel was pretty much done for Far Cry 2.

I did, however, get into the strategy mood and played some Civ V and FTL. Maybe I'll do a Game Diary of the latter game as it'll be short and sweet.

Here we can see my remaining crew member, Tboon, being forced to pilot the craft after some reckless decisions on the part of Cpt Jim and Duoae to go to infections locations and get killed. Luckily, the things they'd managed to pick up were conducive to Tboon running the ship on his lonesome - namely, auto reloaders for the weapons systems and drone control for hull and systems repair and intruder repulsion.

Unfortunately, this encounter in the space near a supernova proved too much for him as his shields were damaged in a fire and the repair drones just aren't as good as live crew are at getting things back online. The enemy ship was easily dispatched but it proved impossible to get the rest of the fires under control once the airlock controls were also damaged in the fires.

Tboon, along with the hopes of the Federation, died in the glare of that hot star...

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