4 September 2009

Predictions come true!

Also acceptable as a possible title for this post is: I am a god!

In 2008 i wrote up a prediction of what i thought the next Xbox console would look like. I have to admit that i was wrong on the timescale but i think that's because both Microsoft and Sony have gone the 'mid-cycle upgrade' route through firmware and new peripheral hardware rather than bringing out a new fully-fledged console.

So what did i predict that i got right?

- Not sure about a motion controller but you'd need at least 2 hi-res cameras with something to focus on (like motion capture reflective spots) to get accurate enough 3-D information without accelerometers - kinda like the sensor bar with a standard ratio between the two cameras.

- If they do include motion control it will be a side-project and not the main focus of the console like it is for the Wii. There will still be a main controller like the one we're used to but perhaps the motion controller will be something you can buy like the Eye-toy or a dance pad for specific (read: Family oriented) games.

I think i pretty much just nailed Project Natal:

- "-DVR, media center, cable set top box functionality" is a given.

- The console won't ship for more than around £299 and they will try and keep that cost as low as possible (including the manufacturing cost/selling price ratio)

I'm pretty happy with these predictions as well though they are more "safe" than the camera style controller prediction.

Anyway, i'm off to play a game :)

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