9 September 2009

Steam is broken....

It's a broken system and it's starting to get ridiculous that there are still no solutions.

1. Groups are pointless because in order to get the most out of them you need to "friend-up" everyone in the group, which can be in the hundreds and thousands.

2. Notifications minimise some applications and non-steam games. Notifications also often spam themselves for one event when there's actually only one notification planned plus there's no way of turning them off whilst having your status as "online".

No. 2 isn't a problem for me but i know it is for other people. No. 1 is my main gripe..... and it's ridiculous that it hasn't been fixed. I don't want a thousand people on my friends list - that's completely unmanageable! What i want to be able to do is join a group and to have the steam game i'm playing automatically let me play with anyone in the group.

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Tesh said...

I'm still hugely annoyed that I can't put Steam in Offline Mode and leave it there, and have my games work. It has to be "updated" to function in offline mode. Which means it needs to be online to update.

Every couple of days.

So when we lost the internet connection for three weeks, we lost access to all Steam games, even those that don't need the internet to function.

That ticked me off.

A lot.