25 February 2010

DRM done (at least mostly) right!!

Amazingly, despite the trend over the last few years regarding console to PC ports of games, Battlefield Bad Company 2 is looking really good. Not only is the game specifically designed to cater to the sensibilities of the PC (dedicated servers, server browser list, mouse interface, etc.) but its DRM also makes sense!!

If you're playing the single player game it only requires a CD/DVD check via securom. It does not contact the authentication server to see if there are activations available. If you want to play online then it does - you have to authenticate it once and that authentication lasts for 10,000 days before being required to re-authenticate. Another good feature is that when you uninstall the game, it automatically reclaims the authentication slot if you're connected to the internet as opposed to other games where you have to do it manually before you uninstall with a second, stand alone programme (I'm looking at you Dead Space and Crysis: Warhead).

Unfortunately, the game isn't perfect in its implementation. There's no LAN play, for example, and the DRM still has limited authentications but i'm impressed with the lack of online requirement to play the single player game. I seriously hope that this is a trend that is going to take hold in the gaming industry.

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