3 March 2010

Podcast! The Easy Button: Episode 3

It's amazing! We now have another podcast, done, dusted and with a minimal amount of dead chickens' entrails and other shenanigans to boot!

The Easy Button Episode 3

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Show notes:

The Easy Button drinking game words of the day: "Exposition" and "Errrm"

00:20 Ubisoft DRM
12:42 GoG plug!!
13:11 The water cooler - The games we've been playing:
13:18 Arcanum of Steamworks and Magic Obscura (link to GoG)
15:05 Interstate '76 (link to GoG)
16:47 Mass Effect 1
**Link to Shamus Young's ME2 story thoughts - WARNING SPOILERS** Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3
23:55 Europa Universalis 3
32:28 Rainbow Six Vegas 2
42:25 Rome: Total War
56:39 - I wasn't talking about Age of Empires... I was talking about Empire Earth :D
57:06 Music Break
57:09 The evolution of co-op and social multiplayer - a.k.a. "Where I talk out of my ass about something i don't know anything about."
2:05:26 Outro

I'm afraid we lost the end of Tboon's part of the show so you'll have to suffer through my rambling at the end :)

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