29 March 2010

Podcast: The Easy Button Episode 4!!

It's finally here! Episode 4 of The Easy Button has landed after much disruption on my part. We have a bit more strong language in this episode so beware!

The Easy Button Episode 4

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The Easy Button drinking game words of the day:
Echo system

**Warning, explicit language!**

1:32 Ubisoft DRM cracked?
3:33 Infinity Ward firings
10:40 Portal updates/Portal 2 hints

14:23 **The water cooler**
Brief mentions:
- Left 4 Dead 2/TF2 (PC)
- Europa Universalis 3 (PC)
21:42 - Interstate '76 (PC)
28:13 - Trine (PC)
32:46 - Shiren the Wanderer (DS)
36:44 - Resident Evil 5 (360)
44:55 - Brutal Legend

54:59 **Music Break**
56:25 **Topic of the week**
- Is the gaming industry releasing too many good games?
1:13:00 - Replaying games? Do you do it more on console or PC versus the other?
1:18:25 - Guilty game pleasures

1:26:20 **Music Break 2**
1:26:53 - Gaming regrets

6 March 2010

The tower is falling...

So, Ubisoft's DRM has apparently been hacked - or at least commented out in a cracked .exe. In a rather interesting move, the publisher has made it so that the first update to Assassin's Creed 2 allows the players to continue from the point where they lost their connection rather than being put back to the last checkpoint. It sort of strikes me as a move that's pointless since, most of the time you have to quit out of your game to sort out the connection issues in the first place and i'm pretty sure that once the game is closed, there's no way to resume from where you were...

It's interesting just how quickly this has been cracked. Even Starforce and other DRM took longer on their first sojourn into the world. Hopefully the answer from publishers and developers will not be to escalate this stupid war any further... the next step from this is a dongle-based authentication system..... Having to hack or buy hardware to use your games (although not undoable) becomes more unfavourable than just downloading a cracked .exe or ISO.

3 March 2010

Podcast! The Easy Button: Episode 3

It's amazing! We now have another podcast, done, dusted and with a minimal amount of dead chickens' entrails and other shenanigans to boot!

The Easy Button Episode 3

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Show notes:

The Easy Button drinking game words of the day: "Exposition" and "Errrm"

00:20 Ubisoft DRM
12:42 GoG plug!!
13:11 The water cooler - The games we've been playing:
13:18 Arcanum of Steamworks and Magic Obscura (link to GoG)
15:05 Interstate '76 (link to GoG)
16:47 Mass Effect 1
**Link to Shamus Young's ME2 story thoughts - WARNING SPOILERS** Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3
23:55 Europa Universalis 3
32:28 Rainbow Six Vegas 2
42:25 Rome: Total War
56:39 - I wasn't talking about Age of Empires... I was talking about Empire Earth :D
57:06 Music Break
57:09 The evolution of co-op and social multiplayer - a.k.a. "Where I talk out of my ass about something i don't know anything about."
2:05:26 Outro

I'm afraid we lost the end of Tboon's part of the show so you'll have to suffer through my rambling at the end :)