22 January 2022

An RX 6500 XT post mortem...

My name is Ozymandias...

Last year, I asked Scott Herkelman over on PC World's The Full Nerd show if it even made sense to scale RDNA 2 down to the bottom of the stack.

On Wednesday, AMD released the RX 6500 XT to almost universal criticism...

Let's take a look at this situation.

11 January 2022

How to fix the graphics card market... (IMO)

It'sa raining them, hallelujah!

The last few years have shown something dire affecting the computer gaming market: complete lack of control surrounding graphics card pricing, availability and segmentation. 

Contrast this with virtually every other component in the construction of an individual gaming PC, where pricing and availability have fluctuated far less despite there being a similar lack of manufacturers present in the supply of those components.

We all know the parts of the industry that aren't working out but rarely does anyone try and "fix" what's wrong - at least on paper or in theory. 

Well, I'm about to do that with this fluffy thought piece of a blogpost. So buckle up for a wild ride into the lush forests of my imagination, where GPUs roam free for the gaming hunter to shoot them with their own BFG and take home to display on their mantlepiece.