29 March 2024

Analyse This: Simulating the PS5 Pro...

Last time, I took a look at the PS5 Pro leaks and came to the conclusion, based on the claimed performance uplift, that the PS5 Pro will likely be heavily CPU-constrained (considering the upgrade in totality) and that it's likely that many titles will not take advantage of any 'RDNA3' architectural improvements on the APU.

It still baffles me why Sony would even bother releasing this thing, as I concluded:
"Honestly, a part of me is wondering why AMD/Sony didn't go with the same 36 CU configuration, but using RDNA 3 instead. They'd get the RT bonus performance and they could have clocked the GPU frequency higher to achieve a similar level of raster performance though at a cost to power use. The die would also be cheaper - and this is doubly important if there is some sort of CPU bottleneck in play - you've got a lot of wasted die area spent without capitalising on the potential performance."
But, let's not dwell on theoreticals, let's do some testing!

19 March 2024

Analyse This: Let's look at the PS5 Pro leaks...

Last year, I looked at the possibility of a mid-generation refresh for Sony or Microsoft's current console line-ups and didn't really see any point in one. I posited some easy improvements and reasons why other possible improvements didn't really make any sense.

Now, after a series of rumours from various sources, Moore's Law Is Dead has presented a pretty concrete leak. which is confirmed to originate from Sony's developer portal, confirming the console's existence and also some key performance metrics.

So let's take a look at what we have and if such a console can change my thoughts from last time...