30 January 2016

Post Thoughts: Batman: Arkham Origins

This post was mostly originally written towards the end of November 2013 right after my "Is Batman the best videogame superhero?" (Answer: Of course he is!) I'd say about 70% was finished during that period and the last 30% was finished during a replay of the game finishing right now.

I'm a fan of superheroes in general but, as I said in my last post, I don't think they're represented all that well in the games arena. However, in 2009, Rocksteady released Arkham Asylum - a game that pretty much came out of the blue for most gamers and which encapsulated the feeling of "being Batman".

Arkham Origins is the second sequel in the series and the first not helmed by Rocksteady.

As usual - thar be spoilers!


2 January 2016

Post thoughts: Until Dawn

Or the end...

I have to admit, I'm a bit of a sucker for choose-your-own-adventure style books like Fighting Fantasy or SMBC's Nerd comedy and the few games that delve into this sort of entertainment are quite rare.  Indigo Prophecy, Heavy Rain and Telltale's The Walking Dead series are high on the list of "variable storytelling" experiences. However, outside of those, the space is rather barren for high quality titles. Luckily Until Dawn is here to fill the gap.

As usual: here be spoilers!!