26 December 2015

Sci-Fi Tropes: Space Warp...

I should preface this article by pointing out that I do not know everything, ever and that I am working on the knowledge I have collected and can interpret from the given experiences I have been exposed to through both personal exploration and accidental exposure. There! That should fend-off the Babylon 5 fans! ;)
Art by Funerium on DA

There are actually many sci-fi misconceptions about space and many tropes used regarding this part our understanding but I'm only going to focus on one: warping space.

Space as we refer to it is (according to our current limited understanding) actually a continuous mesh of physicality, energy and time - whatever that may actually turn out to be! Most people popularly call this construction Spacetime.

The important thing to note about spacetime is that no constituent of this can be separated completely from the rest of it. Much as particle-wave duality has no separation - i.e. everything is a particle and a waveform, including macro objects like humans, trees, planets etc. - spacetime is its own thing. It is all around us, within us and part of us. In many ways, George Lucas was correct about The Force: including that we can affect it.

Don't get any hasty ideas now because we can't affect it in any 'conscious' manner. We affect it by 'being'. Simply existing in our own configuration, our own mass has an imprint and waveform on the very fabric of spacetime. It's a very small imprint but it exists nonetheless.

So taking these concepts further lets get onto the topic at hand: warping space.

10 December 2015

Sci-fi tropes: Nanobots can't exist...

I've not had a lot of time to write a review of any of the games I've been playing but I did want to publish at least one article a month and so we're stuck with a simple post from the meanderings of my mind. (And now I'm late because I didn't manage to get this post done in time for the end of November! :) )

Take a look up there at the title. It's a little inflammatory and simplistic but it's also true. Let me summarise the point of this post neatly:

Nearly every depiction of nanobots in sci-fi and popular culture is incorrect.