29 August 2021

The Discrete GPU Market and Where we're Heading... (about supply and demand)

Today, I wanted to do some light coverage and analysis of Tom's Hardware's reporting of Jon Peddie Research's report on GPU shipments over the same time period contrasted with Canalys' report on the size of the PC gaming market and how that's likely to affect not only GPU availability but also GPU pricing going forward...

28 August 2021

The Relative Value of GPUs Over The Last 10 Years...

There's been a comparison that I've been wanting to do for a long time but I just didn't have the time or the energy to take it on. Finally, I had a bit of a break from work and recharged enough to be able to sit down and focus on this to get it done. 

Below, I'll explore the historic pricing versus the relative performance of each generation of graphics cards from AMD and Nvidia over the period of 2010 - 2020*. From that, I will draw out the generational leaps per performance tier and the relative value of each of those jumps as well as the value within each generation. This will also help us try and understand how the price/performance strategy has changed per generation for both companies.
*Yes, I'm aware that the last ten years are technically 2011 - 2021... but the current generation started in 2020, and some data I would need for 2021 doesn't exist yet!