30 July 2022

Inflation... (A reality check)

Is that centered? Well, guess what?! Inflation isn't balanced either! ;)

The rumour mill has been highly productive this last week*, especially with regards to the next gen GPU output of both Nvidia and AMD, and as we near the release window of those products, we are likely to see more and more said about them. However, there is something that's concerning me a little and it might not quite be what you think:

I'm worried about performance inflation...
*Yes, I know all those links are to RedGamingTech... but I'm tired and don't feel like searching across multiple youtube channels and websites for the same information...

26 July 2022

In Defence Of: Dead-End Platforms...

AMD have recently released the much-awaited 3D stacked processor: the Ryzen 7 5800X3D and the opinions from various commentators and pundits have been flying left and right. "It beats Intel on efficiency and price/performance." "Is it worth it? It's hard to recommend."; "No overclocking is bad!"; "It's the best!"; "It's not the best"; "It's a dead-end platform..."

Everything that has been said can be made as a useful point of discussion, except for that last one. And I'm here to tell you why.