22 May 2020

Budget high-tier CPUs?! 3750X &3850X rumours... [UPDATED]

People were really amazed and surprised by AMD's release of the 3100 and 3300X 4/8 C/T processors recently. However, these two processors, powered by Zen 2 chiplets really caught the imagination and passion of enthusiasts and tech reviewers alike for their value to performance ratio. 

In fact, those two processors, are currently "out of stock" across various etailers, or have huge mark-ups on their (M)RRP from third party sellers... and, the processor can't even be found in some territories!

Which leads me to one conclusion - these were limited clearance stock.

16 May 2020

Unreal Engine 5 demo and misconceptions...

There's been quite a few articles covering how HDDs simply can't keep up with the moment-to-moment streaming enabled by the PS5 and SX. But, again this really misses the point of PCs - PCs are engines of brute force. Consoles are beasts that are designed to streamline and work past limitations through optimisation. Yes, the next gen consoles are generally much more powerful than the average PC out there right now but they are still highly optimised pieces of hardware because they are static and will quickly be outclassed by new PC technologies appearing on the near-term horizon.

Yes, the rate of improvement of CPUs and GPUs is quite phenomenal at this point in time!

This is all self-evident, but why am I writing another post so close to the previous one when I'm covering much of the same ground? Well, that's because the Unreal Engine 5 tech demo was released, running on PS5, alongside an interview with key personnel at EPIC Games and there is, as far as I understand things, one primary misconception being repeated over and over again. To paraphrase:
You can't fit all of this detail in the scene into memory on a PC - it's not possible.
This is, at best, a misunderstanding of nomenclature... at worst, it's a lie.

15 May 2020

Are current PCs unable to keep up with the Next Gen consoles? Answer: Yes, sort of...

Photo by Marco Verch, Creative Commons 2.0 License
Last time I mentioned in passing how the consoles will be affecting current owners of PCs. I also touched on that subject when I was discussing my relatively newly-built PC. I generally don't feel that current owners of mid-to-high-end PCs have that much to worry about but it appears that this is not a commonly held belief.

So let's get into that!

14 May 2020

Late to the party: B550...

So by now, you've all read the kerfuffle surrounding the B550 announcements. I was quite annoyed at first but I'm more resigned about the situation now. In this post I'm going to go over why I felt that way and why, although I understand the technical limitations at issue, I do not agree with the way this has all been handled.

7 May 2020

Untitled hardware post...

Since there's not much going on with tech at the moment (although I do have a short post in the works regarding RDNA 2 rumoured die sizes) I thought I'd shift gears to a general hardware post.