17 May 2023

The Power Scaling of the RTX 4070

Literally, again, exactly what happens...

As is my wont, I have decided to poke and prod at any and all hardware within my nefarious reach. Since I've picked up the RTX 4070, why should this particular product be spared? Because it's small and cute? 

"NO!", says the wise man. "They should be subject to the woes and wiles of mortals as much as any other product!"

And so the story goes, again and again... Join me within these pages* where I will outline the limitations of the new sacrificial lamb.
*Technically, no pages are present given the format of this blog...

6 May 2023

Mid-Range Hardware: RTX 4070 review

The RTX 4070 is an interesting card. $100 more expensive than the 3070 on paper but cheaper than most people were probably able to purchase their 30 series card during the period of late 2020 through to just before the release of the 40 series in 2023.

Certainly, I paid slightly less than MSRP on the base model and that was around €50 cheaper than I paid for my 3070 when, in desperation, I just bought the first card I could get my hands on because I didn't have a graphics card.

However, the 40 series cards are almost literally languishing on store shelves due to their high prices and lacklustre performance increases over their 30 series counterparts, with the notable exception of the RTX 4090.

With that in mind, I want to focus on that step forward in performance and look at how the RTX 4070 improves on the 3070 on a mid-range system.