15 October 2022

Analyse This: Does RAM speed and latency make a difference for gaming...? (Part 1)

I've seen increasing numbers of people commenting on various youtuber videos and hardware/game performance reviews complaining about how the reviewer got it wrong and that they're not even using the "best" RAM for the benchmarks. This is especially rampant now, during the cross-gen benchmarking period where there are some systems using DDR4 and some using DDR5.

You might have seen this behaviour, yourself. Especially if you follow bigger techtubers like HardwareUnboxed or PCWorld - but I'm sure it happens on a wider scale, I just haven't seen every instance of it.

So, what is driving this slowly mounting pressure on the tech review sphere and is it really pushing for better testing or are there misconceptions about the importance of RAM speed and latency?

I figured I'd take a look. Please feel free to skip the first two sections where I ramble a lot and get to the actual data!