25 October 2008

Surprise upgrade? Probably not

Basically i'm sitting watching TV when my dad turns to me and says, "How'd you like a new mobo and cpu?". I was a little confused so I answered, 'I guess i would'. So he tells me to price them up and he'll give me the money as a christmas present.

Now, looking at prices online i'm having second thoughts. Getting a decent CPU and mobo is going to ring in around £250 and then there's the problem that i don't have a PCI express graphics card or spare sound card, HDD, case or PSU. I can't afford those extras and i can't ask for more money from my dad.

In all honesty, my system is quite old now but it's only just becoming 'minimum' as a specification for the newer games coming out - many of which i'm no longer even getting for the PC due to their included DRM. So there's no desperate need to upgrade. Not only this but i want a completely new box i.e. i want to start from scratch so i can play old games on my old (current) box and be able to play new games on my new box.

Then there's the simple fact that i wasn't planning on actually upgrading until later on next year. Sure there are loads of good processors and especially graphics cards around at the moment but i feel like i'll get a better deal in spring or summer for these components and possibly a fantastic deal around early autumn when the next generation of processors are out to force down the prices.

So looks like i'm holding off an upgrade in a move that might be considered spitting in a gift horse's mouth....

What do people think?


Erik said...

Didn't you just upgrade your video card? You can have your old one back if you'd like!

Duoae said...

LOL! That was last November! My, oh how time flies!

But like i said, i wasn't planning on upgrading until late next year anyway :)

However... my P4 3 GHz processor is starting to struggle with games - I'll see how my rig handles Fallout 3.

Then we'll see about a graphics card return ;)