4 April 2012

An Island...

What do you do when apparently no one can understand what you're writing - despite specifically stating some things? What do you do when apparently you're not understanding other people's writings when, the conversation has originated from a point that you thought you understood and yet, in response to those responses, you are told that it is not at all?

Honestly, I don't know. I'm feeling increasingly alienated in my one safe haven on the web.... I can't see statements like "I can't see how people can get worked up over a game. It's the developer's game and they can do what they like with it." as anything other than a comment on people who are complaining or dissecting the game. You're directly questioning the logic behind questioning the developer's vision... I can't interpret that any other way and yet, apparently, it means that the developer's vision "is what it is". I don't even know what that means.

Now I'm at a loss. Do I continue to head on into the storm or give up and take shelter elsewhere... or do I try and weather the storm of non-understanding (because it's not a matter of simple misunderstanding, this goes right down to the very underpinnings of how the English language works) and try to keep conversing?

All's I know is it's getting harder to do the second and I'm making more adversaries and fewer friends in the process....

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The Lord of Leisure said...

I would keep going sir, as sometimes it's important to show a different point of view. If we all believed the same things all the time, where would we end up?

Also more often than not it's the vocal minority on the internet that try to bully etc, rather than try and have a reasonable debate on any matter.

Then again, you could argue, you'd never have a reasonable debate on the internet! I'd just carry on good chap. :)